Friday, January 6, 2012

Slendertone System Uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) To Tone Abs

There has been a lot of buzz about the
Slendertone System abs belt, so I decided to give
the belt a try to see if it works. If you regularly do
crunches, you know that they aren't any fun, but
there really hasn't been another alternative to
getting toned abs other than doing repetitions of
crunches until now. Here is what I've found
about the Slendertone belt.

The Slendertone System abs belt uses innovative
technology known as Electronic Muscle
Stimulation (EMS), which tones and firms your
muscles in a highly effective yet comfortable
way. EMS is designed to stimulate muscle
contractions in a safe way so there isn't pain on
the nerves or muscles. This technology is used
outside of the Slendertone belt, too. Medical
professionals have used this same technology to
rehabilitate patients with muscle damage.

Crunches and sit-ups work to fundamentally
strengthen the abs muscles, but are not a full
solution to getting tone, firm abs. Ultimately, the
Slendertone belt uses advanced technology that is
directed at not just the major muscles but also
minor muscles, too, and works to give you a full
abs workout. The belt works to give you a much
more effective and advanced workout than you
get with conventional repetitions of crunches.

The Slendertone System belt is an affordably
priced piece of exercise equipment that uses state
of the art technology to give you firm, tone abs.
This product is sure to impress you with its
advanced technology that has been used in the
medical profession to rehab and strengthen
muscles in patients around the world. If you
want to enjoy a full ab workout that extends
beyond just the basics of crunches and sit-ups,
the Slendertone belt is surely the perfect way to

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