Friday, February 3, 2012

The Slendertone Belt It is Time to Tone Your Abs

Slendertone belt is all about shaping your body to
perfection. It takes no time to give you a perfect
shape. Made with an ultra modern technology, it
is a rechargeable and discreet product. Just in its
first clinical trial where it was tested, Slendertone
abs toning belt proved to be handy in just a time
period of 4 weeks. The biggest plus point of this
is that it will just not only act on the muscles
which are in straight contact with the abs toning
belt, but on each and every muscle in the
abdominal region.

The Slendertone belt is a very relaxing and
discreet product, and is not very bulky too. It can
easily fit beneath the clothes without giving an
impression from outside. The ab belt is easy to
operate and can be easily used to a layman too.
You can wear it anytime and to anywhere too,
may it be at a party or a workout session.

Any person using Slendertone abs toning belt can
notice its results in a short duration of 4 weeks.
All you have to do is just wear the belt for 5
times a week, for duration of 30 minutes each. It
is a guarantee that you will have a flatter and
firmer stomach quite in sometime. It has been
proved clinically and all the users were 100%
satisfied with the results.

They have been happy
with firmer and flatter abs after the use of
Slendertone belt.
One thing that can be said about Slendertone ab
toning belt is that it is the strongest Slendertone
Ab Belt ever developed. It has a control unit that
has to be held in the hand and then operated. The
Belt is fully rechargeable and uses a Technology
that is totally unique and patented. It also has two
phases namely "warm up" and "cool down".
Moreover it is medically safe to use.
I hope you find this article helpful. In case there is
something else you need to read I recommend
having a look atSlendertone belt article on Squido
- a small video included explaining in details how
exactlySlendertone ab toning belt works.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Slendertone System Uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) To Tone Abs

There has been a lot of buzz about the
Slendertone System abs belt, so I decided to give
the belt a try to see if it works. If you regularly do
crunches, you know that they aren't any fun, but
there really hasn't been another alternative to
getting toned abs other than doing repetitions of
crunches until now. Here is what I've found
about the Slendertone belt.

The Slendertone System abs belt uses innovative
technology known as Electronic Muscle
Stimulation (EMS), which tones and firms your
muscles in a highly effective yet comfortable
way. EMS is designed to stimulate muscle
contractions in a safe way so there isn't pain on
the nerves or muscles. This technology is used
outside of the Slendertone belt, too. Medical
professionals have used this same technology to
rehabilitate patients with muscle damage.

Crunches and sit-ups work to fundamentally
strengthen the abs muscles, but are not a full
solution to getting tone, firm abs. Ultimately, the
Slendertone belt uses advanced technology that is
directed at not just the major muscles but also
minor muscles, too, and works to give you a full
abs workout. The belt works to give you a much
more effective and advanced workout than you
get with conventional repetitions of crunches.

The Slendertone System belt is an affordably
priced piece of exercise equipment that uses state
of the art technology to give you firm, tone abs.
This product is sure to impress you with its
advanced technology that has been used in the
medical profession to rehab and strengthen
muscles in patients around the world. If you
want to enjoy a full ab workout that extends
beyond just the basics of crunches and sit-ups,
the Slendertone belt is surely the perfect way to

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